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Exotic Club

I spend most of my time alone,
Moping around listening to music,
Depressed and brooding,
It is a garment
I’ve grown rather comfortable in.
A friend will on occasion
Drag me out of the house,
Presumably for my own good.

On such an occasion,
A friend persuaded me
Into visiting an exotic club.
I had a beer or two
And closely watched
The lovely movements of the girls.
They were beautiful,
But I mostly felt sad,
I hoped they didn’t hate me
For looking at them all creepy-like.

I then went home
And had another beer
And looked at my old cat;
I was still rather sad but comfortable.

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Comments (2)

Uriah...The first five lines tell much...a garment you've grown comfortable in...like a favorite sweatshirt that your friends and family would like to see you throw out, because it's threadbare in spots...but you don't want to...because it's...comfortable. Hugs, Dee
aww now you're making me sad... it's amazing, full of expression and an intense dominant emotion. i like the metaphor in the beginning. wish i could write this well. eni da kid