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Expect The Same Boring Stuff As Last Year

What will we hear from him in his speech the P M on this sunny Australia Day
The same old boring stuff I do suppose that one might expect him to say
That Aussies at sport are amongst the World's best that of ourselves we can feel proud
But if you take note of the gathering not everyone clap in the crowd.

When he says he speaks for every Australian the P M wee John has got it wrong
One like him speaks for Liberal and National party voters only to them alone he does belong
And that's about 52 per cent of the Australian population the others him and his government only mistrust
What's fair to one not so to another they see their Government as unjust

To the indigenous people the first Australians for past Governments wrongs to them the P M won't apologize
By trying to deny true Australian history I wonder does John Howard realize
That future Australian historians will judge him far differently from his supporters of today
They will judge him as one who believed in a fair go for the wealthy but who did not believe in fair play

For the Indigenous people and the Trade Unions as well as the poor refugees
The people who fled persecution from war torn Lands overseas
That the Australian Government sent to detention centres so much for a fair go for all
When future Aussies will talk of good Australian Governments the Howard Government they will not recall.

On John Howard's year 05 address to the people of Australia not much new don't expect to hear
His speech will be for those who support his Government expect the same boring stuff as last year
On Australia's top women and men sporting heroes and high achievers but never anything about
The Poor and the Homeless and Stateless and the thousands who are down and out.

by Francis Duggan

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