I was strolling along the road one day
When I met a strager, going my way
His features contented, but handsome too,
Was he from my world or the planet Q?

We chatted together as we went along
Stopped in at the bar for a drink and a song,
I admired him as his thoughts matched mine
And before we knew, it was well past nine.

He invited me back to his home pad
But should I go? -- Was he 'a bit of a lad'?
He pressed his watch dial and right on cue
The spacecar was outside -- front of the queue.

We were whisked away at the speed of light,
Then beamed up into the spaceship, white,
Welcomed on board, then entered his pad,
Want to know more? -- Well, you've been had!!

by Evelyne A. McMaster

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