Expectations To Goal

Expectations, set them. high. Start reaching for your goals before Junior high. Expectations, we all need them. Lots of motivation will help you achieve them. Study hard, read everything at hand. Don't let your guard down, professionals are in demand. Expectations, goals are one of the same. Work hard toward them, it's your claim to fame. As you climb the ladder of success, reach back, give some motivation to the rest. Youngsters all need a great deal of motivation instilled in them. They'll work hard at the rest. What? Who? we want to be, takes a great deal of hard work. Striding is surviving. Working toward your expectations, setting your goals to the limit will give you a great deal of pride. Reaching your goals, knowing how hard you've tried. You won't forget how hard it was reaching for your success. You've succeeded. Sticktoitiveness is what's needed. Your ability will do the rest. Expectations to Goal!

by M. Elizabeth Harper

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