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Experience God
(August 8,1951 / Hillsboro, Oregon USA)

Experience God

Poem By Harlan Simantel

Some know God thru ritual,
Some thru 'the Word, '
Some thru what they've heard.

Some know God by prayer,
Realize he's not just there,
But inside - right here!

Some feel God in a smile,
Or in the warmth of a hug,
Some feel God by crying,
He's nearer then, no denying.

Some hear God in music,
A rock song or ancient hymn,
God seems closer - not so dim.

Some reach God through thinking,
Philosophy and reasoning.
Supreme Intelligence welcomes
Logic and questioning.

Some feel God through sport
Or dance or play -
Physical pleasure makes our day!

Some experience God thru work,
Productivity, creativity,
The satisfaction you receive
Is meant to be.

Some sense God via spirit,
His immersed in ours,
Lifts our mundane lives
Above celestial stars.

God reaches us thru all these means,
The Creator is all in all,
And always on call.

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I once took part in a Bible study called 'Experiencing God'. It was wonderful. This poem is wonderful too! I appreciate your Christian style and the fact that you are proud enough of it to post it here! Thank you! I have one called 'The Gift'..I'd like you to read it. It is a true story...it really happened! Thanks again. Barb