Experiencing Love Through The Senses

The smell of old newspapers,
That reminds me of dad,
The taste of juice,
That my love has had.

The sound of my son,
Giggling with glee,
His lips touch my face,
When he kisses me.

The sight of community,
In harmony,
All stood as one,
Peaceful as can be.


Now I know,
Why our senses,
Do exist,
Experiencing love,
We cannot resist,
Taking in those feelings,
In we soak them so,
Straight into our heart,
So love can overflow.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (3)

Aisha, you've certainly stirred my senses... 'lovely' examples of each of these remarkable gifts. Well done! ! Brian
This is very beautiful in form, sound, and message. You arouse all five senses with black-and-white pixels on a virtual page. And a sixth - love itself?
Awwww....this poem is so cute. I cannot imagine life evn w/o one sense. Aisha, love this pome too. Preets