Art - For The Love Of It

A long-established habit,
But customary so to do.
Submitting his latest Works of Art
To the ever 'devoted few'.

He enters no competition
Not really that kind of man.
But superlative talent such as his
Must surely be in demand.

Each beautifully painted picture
With colours of fairest hue,
Receives much admiration
From fans both old and new.

It's a long-established habit
And customary so to do...
Forever submitting his Works of Art
But Accolades are long overdue.

by Joyce Hemsley

Comments (6)

Chuck, SO, there is NO possibility that there is a leak in the roof, - - - right? - - - or that you can blame it on a water-bed leak? - - - or a supposed friend 'dunked' your hand while you were snoring? O.K.! - - - I give up! (I tried!) Grab your S.C.U.B.A. gear, and head to bed! B.V.A.
I like the idea but don't understand weather-filled rain... rain-filled weather? yes- but, that's minor. Perhaps the dreams are recurrent from many years before when first you heard romantic wetting bells, or was that Pavlovian? Nice humorous write when I get past the hurdles of misunderstanding.
Worth the wait Mr A. Ironic effect of this poem is that when people read it, they'll laugh so hard... Hugs Anna xxx
From Poetry in Motion to this - very nice! I have to echo Linda's words, below. Go, boy, go (on posting, that is) ! ! ! Est : ]
Hey, Chuckles: What was that Billy Joel song way back - River of Dreams, I think. Chuck, you are so funny but well expressed at the same time. I enjoy your off-the-wall ideas. Scarlett
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