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Explicit Rage
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Explicit Rage

Poem By Nicola Thoner

I'm not going to dumb it down
So you can feel more comfortable
You've got enough comfort in your love already
I can be mad if I want to.

Enough on love and dreamed caresses
You're not near
And you don't need me
And the world has got enough
Love poetry.

We focus now on rage
To burn and fuel our passions
In order to bring some peace

Fire season
In the dead of winter
Because something needs to catch alight
In this vast dead wonderland

And so I'm angry
I'm angry for the love I've wasted
I'm angry for the love I can't return
I'm angry for the ones I never had but wanted
And I'm angry for the fear that stopped you reaching out to me
But mostly
I'm angry no one reads poetry anymore.

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