Explored And Treasured

Some of us meet,
With an instant feeling felt...
There is some kind of unspoken history.
An intention sent,
Is recognized as if meant.
A chemistry bonds,
From the heavens and beyond.
And this to us comes...
As if a piece of a puzzle,
Becomes shared from a deck of cards...
That has been dealt!

'I have two aces and two kings! '

~That's not possible.
Is it?
Because I too have two aces,
AND two kings! ~

'What does this mean? '

And what 'does' this mean?
Since we all perceive,
We are here to live lives...
Chronologically spent.
If I feel an energy generating,
I have known before...
Where is that coming from?
When is this going to make some sense?

What is 'IT' that allows,
To open 'that' door?
To be explored and treasured...
Respected and adored.
While most of our experiences,
We accept as lessons taught...
As learning to walk,
Eventually becomes ignored.

~Is The Creator of 'this' experience lived,
Doubling over in laughter?
And wiping from the eyes joyful tears,
That we are caught by surprise.~

'What joke is 'this' experienced?
That 'The One and Only Omnipresent'...
Has us live as if an experiment? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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