Exploring Those Adventures

I have not witnessed the Scottish Pine,
With branches crooked as those
Of the Oak or Maple trees.
Or the bark of Birch,
Like that of the Palm.

I am not mesmerized,
By ripples made on a Pond.
As much as I am by waves...
During low and/or high tides.

Sand Dunes of Cape Cod,
Are striking when first seen.
Although the beaches,
Sweep breezes across the waters...
Much like they do on South Padre Island,
And Key West!
While watching the flight of Seagulls...
Fish then come to rest.

Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.
The color of the Golden Gate Bridge.
The blue sky above the floating pink clouds,
In the early morning sunrise...
Lifting after dawn!
Hearing the clang of trolley cars.
Climbing steep hills,
In clean crisp air!
I often feel it...
As if I'm still there.

The sunsets I like the best,
Seem to be those in San Antonio!
And yet...
When I am at home,
Reminiscing times I miss...
As I witness the snowflakes drift,
From my bedroom window...
Alone in Connecticut.
I select from memories I cherish,
With you and me...
Happy to be together.
Exploring those adventures...
As our eyes close to kiss,
Each other's lips!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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