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Bid adieu to senseless ways
of the timid and myopic who
find solace in transient explosions
of joy that come with a price
that may be your life.

The time will run out itself why try
to beat it and vanish into thin air
with fallacious audacity
Explosions outside leave
behind mangled remains
of unkept promises.

Expel with vigour the damp squibs
in the mind and fill the mind
with inflammable fresh thoughts
Ignite and let it explode.
But keep the slate clean and
fill it with hues of hope.

Expunge old emotions and purge
the mind and make it
a slate that is spotless
and wait for the next explosion
of never ending emotions.

Fill the slate with hues galore
borne out of the newest emotions
not seeking to differentiate
good and bad or hapiness and pain
Just fill the slate with hues.

Go about pouring cold water
on the powder kegs left open for
explosions that destroy.
Cease the tryst with the old and
explode inside into a new dawn.


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Senseless ways of life! ! Thanks for sharing.