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Explosive, Part 1
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

Explosive, Part 1

What is it that drives a man insane?
He will give his life
For his dead god.
Suicide, for faith.

Twenty pounds of explosives,
Somehow hidden beneath his coat.
No one looks at him,
Their death lurking.
No one senses anythin
About this senseless killer,
Ready to die for his god.

The plan, his god today.
Its words echo in his ming,
The cold drumbeat of tribal warfare.
He has long anticipated this-
Thousands dead,
His glory,
His heaven sure.

What is one life worth,
In light of the greater good,
The cleansing of mankind?
Peopled entirely with infidels.
Infidels, all-
Even the believers in the Most High.
They are infidels most of all.
They must die-
Allah wills it.

(A god of cruel selfish
Hate, he.)

He moves through the crowd.
The ash grey sidewalks,
Soon to be colored red.
He knows the end is approaching.
His end, and with it
A thousand others, enemies
Of the god of darkness.

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