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Expose My Black Secret

Only you and I know
Between us
The one thing that could destory my perfect life
The one thing no one would ever be able to forgive me for
That is the power you hold in your hands tonight
The power to forever ruin all that I have built up for myself
It scares me
Freezes me in my place to know this knowledge is yours to do with as you wish
Watching as the hours pass so slowly upon the clock beside me
I wait to see if you will do it
I wait to see if you will....
Expose my secret

I would beg
I would plead
Down on my knees
For mercy
But I know that your mind is already made up
One way or another
My fate has been sealed by your hand
All that remains to be seen is rather that hand will be...
Wicked and cruel or kind and caring
More nervous now then I ever was before
The countdown to what could well be my demise continues
Silently waiting to see if before this is over you will...
Expose my secret

Plain and simple
That's what you're doing to me
Dragging me down
So eager and evil
Plotting since the first day we met
I know have always wanted to destory me
Cos I had the success you wish you could have had in your sad pitful life
It's not my fault thou
If you had just applyed yourself you would have had the same
You could have been happy and so could I
So very happy
Instead here we are
Each on opposite sides of this war
Waiting to see if tonight you will...
Expose my secret

I loved you once
Now that love has turned to hate
Cold, cold hatered of you and everything that you stand for
Broke my heart
Torn it all apart
Can't believe that I ever thought you were the one
The one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with
Did everything I had to do to have you
Now you're throwing it all back in my face
Calling me up in the middle of the night to rant and rave
Whisper and threaten
With such gleeful joy
You have left me sweating bullets
Shaking in my high heels
Ready to run the moment you...

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