Exposed And Open

When is it going to stop?
The deeds of misdeed doers.
Whether in high rising towers.
Crooks dressed in tailored suits.
Or running through urban streets.
Hot in pursuit by gun toting police.
When will this crowd pleasing evil cease.
To leave the few wishing for peace...
Taking less medication to allow and permit sleep.

When, if ever, is it going to stop?
Paparazzi following,
Someone who has a name to drop.
Causing chaos and folks to swarm like bees.
Around one who identifies,
As a flash in the pan celebrity.

"I knew it.
That's 'Smoovie Mo Cuckoo'."

Who? -

"Smoovie! And he be mo' cuckoo,
Than the rest.
He's the new king of beatz!
When he lays he slays."

-And this has caused a traffic jam?
Up and down both sides of the street? -

"You're too old to understand,
The significance of this event.
Check out his bare feet and polished toenails.
'Smoovie' got it going on.
He represents for us the elite."

If You are listening...
Why? -

"Smoovie can't hear you.
The noise is too loud."

Was there something I've done? -

"You really in to this,
Try to get closer.
Shout out your admiration.
He might hear you then."

Imitated by the children.
On a daily basis,
Somewhere these scenes take place.
And many claim it is their innocence,
Wished to protect.
What is it left,
To keep them protected from?
When everything is exposed and open.
Except respect.
Either to give or get to expect it.

How can you live without 'Smoovie'...
Laying down them beatz!
I'm going home right now.
After picking up green toenail polish."

-God bless you.-

"You funny.
Trying to be like 'Smoov'.
And I'm the one who told you about him.
What is the World coming to? "

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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