Exposed Fangs

When any novelty begins to overstay its visit,
The joy of having it around...
Quickly becomes,
An abusive attempt to get rid of it.
Especially if a tune sung changes in key.

People expect the wounds they've picked,
To be healed overnight...
By someone declaring to have a remedy.
And a cure producing miracles many can see,
With lightening speed that allows a return to routines.

But if it becomes suggested,
An assistance from them is expected...
What is welcomed begins to irritate.
With a pouting that makes once smiling faces,
Drip foam from exposed fangs all over the place.

No one wants to be told,
They must pay a price to heal.
Fresh faces prepared to replace the old,
Will never admit what has been omitted...
From their enthusiastic speeches given to later reveal,
The unpleasantness in making unpopular decisons.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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