Exposing Motives

Many try to deny lies sold,
And told.
To unload a goal.
That will infest with their evils.

Many wish to disguise and hide,
What they do...
Just to prove they are cruel.
With it done just to do evil.

Down an abyss they go exposing motives.
Tied to wickedness to feed it.
Their motives expose them to a need.
To feed an ego that is evil.
With greed.
Down an abyss they go.
To be defeated.

Many try to deny lies told to sell.
With empty souls.
And done to do their best to infest,
A truth to dissect...
Until it's left under dirt to grow grass.
To walk on.
But slow...
Down an abyss go,
Those wicked who do evil.
And slow...
Are their motives exposed.
Tied to wickedness and need to feed it.
Down an abyss those evil,
Go defeated with their greed exposed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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