Expressed Sincerity

Those of us unafraid to admit,
We have aged along with times...
That seem to have slipped quickly,
Through our youthful fingertips.
While the ones in denial,
With hips, knees and beliefs replaced.
Still can not get over,
These are not those days...
To expect,
The younger folks over 40 and beyond.
Time to listen,
To anyone reminiscing...
How times use to be.
Before the internet.
And people actually had conversations.
With those they got to know.
Before showing in a ing,
naked pictures of themselves.
To then request a meeting to have sex.

Times have changed.
And sincere intentions are suspected.

Unlike decades ago to remember them.
People are quick to rush to judgement.
With advice to give,
To those still living...
When humanity was openly expressed.
This is suggested:

If not asked for,
Do not volunteer to give it.
Whatever it is.
Since this process saves assumptions made.
And hurt feelings felt,
By those unappreciated.
Those with kept wholesome beliefs.
To think sincerity shown to give.
Will find a place in someone's mind,
That identifies respect to accept...
A caring from another to receive it.

In some places,
This act of caring for others...
Comes as natural as breathing.
There are still places,
Ungratefulness and insults returned...
Is the only way,
Folks in these places...
Express their love.
Nowhere else on Earth to be found.

That sounds like my hometown.
God knows there are times,
I really miss that place.
It's the only place to go,
When love to express it.
And to know it meant and received.
Could mean a hospital stay.
With lots of friends who will visit."

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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