Expression To Address

Sometimes it is not safe to compensate,
For those gifts one gets to welcome with appreciation.
Sometimes it is the best thing one can and should do...
Is to pollinate the air for the purpose to have it known,
One is proud to be blessed to have them...
Bud to bloom until they have grown.
To be recognized and shown!
And allow every color representing the spectrum glow.
Shining to sparkle so bright that the doing nearly blinds.
With a radiance!
Time, after time and each time to permit its flow.
It becomes too difficult to confine,
And too unbearable to limit...
That which one desires with a wish to find,
Expression to address that has to leave one's mind.
And whether accepted to be respected or not,
It has to be released.
It has to be set free.
It has to go and climb with an undefined reach!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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