Poem By Akilleas Sideous

for the love of my life i love you twice shake thirty dice and that number will not suffice give to you all my life hold you tight for the worlds delight i take flight but keep you in sight hold you near for you are my dear helping you get through fear always loveing you my dear loveing you inspite of my fear doing you rite every night loving you expresses my delight and with all of me i give my word that i love you with words unheard treating you like the qween you are and no one will ever be this close to me by far accepting you for who you are standing by you no matter what you do holding on just for you living for the future not the past hoping that this thing will last loving you untill my last giving into you all of me just as fast as my life may pass hoping that you are my last as the world spins my love for you grows so fast falling for you as my last

Comments about Expressions

The beginning was great towards the middle-end it's either I didn't read it in rythem or the rhyming started to jumble then at the end it got better so yeah different and good at the same time! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ! ! !

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4,3 out of 5
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