Expressions Can Be Censored

Everyday...those living in a free society,
Are bombarded with conflicting hypocrisies.
Chosen written expressions can be censored,
If they should offend...
Those wishing to keep their pretentions protected.
With a moaning about who disrespects,
The nonexistence of a correct social etiquette.
More reflective in museums,
Where they are kept more romanticized...
Than realized.

And everyday...those living in a free society,
Are bombarded with conflicting hypocrisies met.
As those pious and self-righteous cry publicly,
With their false tears wept to weep on TV...
While begging to be forgiven for their taking of steps,
For being human like others they protest against.
But 'they' and their misdeeds should be exceptions,
Their impressions to make with 'fewer' mistakes made,
Does not often occur on a daily basis like 'them' and 'those'...
Choosing to be less refine and confined to physical 'defects'.

'What is it that you are reluctant to say? '

We are not reluctant at all.
It should be clear and obvious,
'Them' and 'those' we speak of are not like 'us'.~

You admit there are double standards.'

~Of course.
Divorce yourself from those foolish delusions.
How many more close-ups of us do you need? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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