Expressions From Dawna

Nothing stops the hurt and pain,
when our loved one goes away.
Even though they suffer no more,
as they pass through those eternal doors.
Still we need to express all our sorrow.
Because, for them there is no tomorrow.
To remember all the love and joy they shared with us.
As they enter a better place, with GOD we trust!
They gave us something, no one else can give.
A part of themselves;
that will always live on through the rest of our lives.
A piece of themselves, their love and their pride.
Now it's time to let them pass on.
To pick up our lives, for us to carry on.
Now they live in our heart and in our minds,
and their memory won't be so painful if given time.
We knew that someday they would be gone.
Yet in us their memory lives on.
They leave their memories with us in hopes;
that we will find our peace.
As they end their suffering, as they enter eternity.

by Cheryl L. Becker-Wiech

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