There is a saying that can heal
a wounded heart, and soothe the soul;
an expression we say to loved ones
to let them know we care;
and two little words that can
light up a person's face.

We say them to make amends
when we hurt a person's feelings;
we say them when we want
to share our thoughts;
we say them when someone has helped
with the little things in our lives.

If I have ever disappointed you,
let me make it better:
'I am sorry'-
I never meant to hurt you!

If I have forgotten to tell you,
let me tell you know:
'I love you'-
I always have and will forever!

If I have never said these words,
let me say them now:
'Thank you'-
you always helped me!

Three little expressions
that can mean so much:
'I am sorry; I love you; Thank you.'

by Theresa Potts

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