Expressive Language Disorder

Poem By Moses Samandar

Beauty of Dress
Beauty of Speechless
Skidding on the Rails
Why? I cannot hear.
I cannot speak.
Like me.
Divergent hole, speechless.
We can dance.
But not hear.
I am not too distant.
Nippon Weapon
So what do I say to them?
Dance to it?
Sunshine, Living to the end. Effect of the night.
News of the sword.
Crucify the bad. What are you – a fool?
Of course I am.
TV Actuality.
TV Factuality
Speechless to hear, healthcare.
Black or White, Lips open or closed. Read the magazine.
But I cannot Speak
It is factual
Through my Lips

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Wonderful poem shared wisely on history topic. Very interesting and wise in composition...10

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