Exquisite B.S.

Exquisite B.S.
Finessed at its best.
This wont sit to become fossilized.
The finest B.S.
Gets to be marketed.

Exquisite B.S.
Tested for perfection.
To leave no guessing game to correct.
As this exquisite B.S. is set...
To endure without stopping.
To ensure its success.

No remnants will be left,
To forge with a defense...
By those unconvinced,
It is solidly based in cement.
And will not ferment...
As circumvented intentions meant,
Are sent.

This is exquisite B.S. to document!
To subdue those who protest.
And addict those who confess...
A weakness they get.
As if to crave a feeding,
With a licking of lips with a wish...
For more of it.

To induce into seduction,
With an unlimited fix.
Until the power of thinking,
Lifts from minds,
That are drugged to drift!

Exquisite B.S.
And as delicious to offset,
Any cure that should manifest...
With attempts to correct!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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