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Exquisite Loveliness
NT Norah Tunney ( / Ireland)

Exquisite Loveliness

When words fall away
from the lips,
and the mind
sinks into a deep slumber,
wakes up to wonder,
the wonder of an old cup,
a rocking chair,
a wooden table,
it's beauty
almost too much to bear,
the hand trembles
and the eyes tear,
Ah! ! !
exquisite loveliness
the heart of everything.

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I was thinking of G.K. Chesterton. He said that he had trouble traveling because he could hardly get past the simple beauty of the lamp post on his own street. His wife would have to retrieve him quite often on a train excursion as he would lose track of time or place and become wonderfully lost. Your senses are engaged, you are alive. You are the honey in the tea.
when the mind sinks into a deep slumber, memoirs of the beautiful remembrances may emerge in the form of a beautiful train and take one down the memory lane. An excellent poem and a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing.10 points.