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Exscuse Me?

I don’t think it’s sexy
I don’t think it’s cute
It’s aggravating, really
And I think it’s really rude.

Don’t try to hide it
It’s easier said, then done
I already know all about this
Believe me, I’m not dumb.

In your eyes I see it
More and more you plead
For just a little taste
You claim, it’s what you need.

You try to get inside
Upset with me because I keep them closed
You say it’s driving you out your mind
You say it’s time I let it go.

Your hand is always on your package
Shaking them, before you pull it out
Giving it a little singe
And you seriously think, I’m putting that in my mouth?

“Come on, Baby.” You say
“You’ll like it I swear.”
Moving it closer my way
Whispering in my ear.

To my lips you try to force it
Giving it another tap
Making me choke on it
So I give you a slap.

No, I’m not stupid.
That’s why your ass is broke
You should never pressure your girlfriend
To smoke.

by Sugar Bear

Comments (2)

i really love the way you make the twist in your piece.. nice one here sugar bear =)
oooh i was not expecting that. well done, my dear. haha i like it :) awesome. Gabriela