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Extacy Elf - A Poem For Vicky
SS Samatha Smith (February,5,91 / Calgary)

Extacy Elf - A Poem For Vicky

Armor that glissens when the sun rises
A comfy cloak that blonde hair rests upon
With the attitude of a comedian
And chisled muscles that make him strong

An army of fellow elves
Both loyal and trust worthy
A perfectly sculpted face
And a beautiful nose given at birth

He has many admiers
Who love him for different things
He's perfect the way he is
Even if he doesnt have wings

He is the special man
To one vicky price
She cares about him
And wishes to be his wife

The name she goes to bed thinking of
And the one she wakes up to
During the day hes on her mind
And she never need anyone new


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Rudyard Kipling


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