*701 Inequality Of Life

This poem is written in a classical form - OTTAVA RIMA. There are eight iambic lines. In this poem I have used iambic pentameter - ten syllables per line. There is a very strict rhyming pattern giving the poem vibrance and flow. a b a b a b c c then d e d e d e f f etc.

I see trees of green and red roses bloom
The air is so fresh and the sky is so blue
Somewhere a lady's alone in her room
Somewhere a child stands forlorn in a queue
The lady has no one - her room is a tomb
The child prays he'll get his bowl full of stew.
Life is unequal - the haves and have nots
Some have no money while others have pots.

A man is in prison - unloved alone
A star on the catwalk - envy of all
He dreams that he is a king on a throne
While her dreams come true - each day she walks tall.
My life is so blessed - nice car - mobile phone
In the third world - some have nothing at all,
They often ask - just what is my life worth?
Or is it just all the dice roll of birth?

For some life is laughter - for others frowns
Some live in hovels - some live in fine pads
Some dress in rags - but for others fine gowns
Many are Orphans - no Mums and no Dads
Do we take for granted our elegant towns
And all the pleasures and blessings we've had?
Wherever there's light you'll also find dark
Conditions serene - conditions quite stark.

God made the earth - He provided for all
Free water and air - free soil for the crops
Enough for the weak - the poor and the small
Heat and the light from the Sun never stops.
What causes the pain - and makes Nations fall?
It's man makes the bomb and man the bomb drops.
God made the air and the ocean so blue
God made all the trees and red roses too
What a Wonderful World - just for me and you.

(John Knight - Arctic Colchester - 12 February 2010)

by John Knight

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