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* Extinction Of Man: Nuclear Winter
PSH ( / Galloway, SW SCOTLAND UK)

* Extinction Of Man: Nuclear Winter

Poem By Patrick Scott Hogg

Water in crystal goblets form
Fall into a silky sea
Effervescent rays spread out
Atoms pulse through me

Autumnal sky and big red moon
Harbingers of portent
Wings of Heaven darkly fall
The Sun’s last rays augment.

Brightly burning is the light
Flashes from pole to pole
Shadows scorch upon the earth
Long the Darks Days roll.

Nuclear Winter breezes blow
Dreams, ambition’s dead:
Hell beyond redemption comes
Destruction’s Hydra head.

No heart to hope or weep again
No joys untold or fame;
The last breath extinguished
No one left to blame.

The sweeter kiss of Peace’s brow
Holds only dust and sand
Citadels of greed crash down
Across a weeping land.

Microbes deep within the sea
Hold life’s bold cradle now
Vaporised is all of Heaven’s blue
We made our perfect bow.

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This is awesome