Just give me an aperture
and a shutter speed too
with a bright viewfinder
and a good lens or two.

I'll take some pictures
in fact quite a few
I will almost certainly
take a picture of you.

But not just anyhow
I like to take my time
It has to be a bit special
a moment frozen in time.

I like to make a picture
something special you see
Not just any old thing, but
a photograph made by me.

by Tim Kitchen

Comments (3)

To be loved in such a way- -totally and without reservation. To love in such a way- totally and without reservation. That is living on the edge in all the ways that could be wonderful and in all the ways that could be disastrous. Extraordinary piece!
so great poem...he wanted to say is you............! ! ! ! with a very simple words......what a fabulous...
I've heard that this poem is better translated in Portuguese but I still found the essence of these words to be so hauntingly sad and romantic.