Extraordinary Escapism

Poem By T F Rice

Today I sit at my
ordinary office desk
I take my blanket
into the Pennsylvania
mountain wilderness,
laying my blanket in the
place where last season
we found coyote bones
over pine needles
seasoning the earth.
An aching back
makes imprints in the
soft ground;
my brown eyes become
blue under am
immaculate sky,
broken only by
towering pine branches
crossing each other
like hands clasped,
arms intertwined.
is my final silence.

Comments about Extraordinary Escapism

Such great imagery is a rare gift that one is born to. For birth is what paint is to brush. Great writte. Ya got my atTENtion. God bless all poets-MJG.
you have great talent Rice...am enjoying reading your poems...well i wish i was with you there in the silence...life needs moments of silence...love...nalini

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