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Exuberance Of Nymphs: Gita-Govinda
(5 May 1956 - / Sinapali, Nuapara, Orissa / India)

Exuberance Of Nymphs: Gita-Govinda

Poem By Harekrishna Meher

Languid are thy eyes with intoxication (Madālasā) .
Effulgent is thy face with charming moonbeam (Indumatī) .
Thy gait gladdens mind of all the beings (Manoramā) .
Thy thighs form the tremulous plantain tree (Rambhā) .
Embellished with art is thy erotic play (Kalāvatī) .
Thy brows have lovely lines of painting (Chitralekhā) .
O Slim-limbed beloved lady!
Ah, present on earth,
You bear the juvenile exuberance of nymphs
who adorn the dominion of gods.

[Extracted from 'Gita-Govinda of Jayadeva']

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