Eye Ecstasy

Poem By J.B. Baronda

I see those tides of imperfection,
Failure and miscommunication.
These crimes violently arise,
Living in world that's filled with lies.
I feel there's no emotion,
In this awkward situation.

There's this time that when we argued,
I've realized that life was so rude.
We've just laughed and cried,
While the most precious things are set aside.
GOD, I know my time is almost done,
Is there nothing I can do but run?

I want to fade away, burn with the stars.
I want to runaway, ease all this scattered scars.
These voices that surrounds me is driving me insane,
I am now breaking and tears are falling down like rain.
Fear is not an issue but yet I feel so unsecured,
This sensational feeling I always feel pursued.

I am lost again, lost in roulette of life I play,
My soul is Jumping, Enjoying the sun today.
The ecstasy of life, I wish you indulge me somehow.
Help me not to see things I've realized just by now.
I want to be stopped but yet my mind continues wandering,
Shall I stop writing? Goodbye Now, life is so amazing.

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A great poem, with real emotion, a great write.

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