Eye For An Eye

This passage I read when I was young
And understanding was not my stronghold
Haunted me through many years
And still does today when told

An eye for an eye which when read
Leaves me thinking in today's life
Would there be anyone left able to see
Or would all be left blind with strife

by JoJo Bean

Comments (4)

Eye for an Eye, wonderful titile by the way, but what is the true meaning, one can only ponder, I must ask for this to be discussed in bible study. I always thought it was about revenge, if you hurt me I'll hurt you. I believe it's more than that for our God is not a hurtful God, he is a just God though, could he have meant this, somehow I don't think so, I must go and read that passage to try and get the true meaning of this profound saying. I'll be back at some point, definitely food for thought. Melvina
What I understand about that passage - 'an eye for an eye', is that God doesn't approve it. We are supposed to love our enemies. I like how you have taken that passage as a subject of your poem. Good poem Jojo.
Is it not better for some one who does a terrible crime, to spend all his days in prison to pay for his crimes, but if you kill them how have they sufferd...10
Good points in here jojo....eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth......It's all about revenge our Mom use to say and I believe it to be true....not worth it for we only hurt ourselves in the end...have never been able to go there although in retrospect perhaps there have been times I should have.......This is deep and an excellent representation of your talent to define and put forth in words....BRAVO~~~~love, mm.xo.~~~~