Eye Of The Storm…

She sits within the center of the room
Chaotic screams surround her very breath
Proceedings from the fractured day lay strewn
Beneath her feet and burdened on her chest

She is the calm inside the winds of pain
The cooling peace within the fiery blast
A mote of dust, which landed, lays quietly at rest
The stillness at the axis her home

Outside the world is swirling in the night
With tempests borne of unremitting rage
Coiling ‘round the quay and drawing ships to drown
Luring weakened souls into the gale

Still yet, her arms bring shelter to her kin
Enveloping within a safe embrace
Of comfort offered fiercely, along with all her love
Oblivious to jeopardy or place

An island cushioned, wrapped in cotton wool
Fixed steadfast, firm, against the crashing seas
The anchor stone within foundations wall
She is the framework for her family

by Betty Jo Hilger

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Lawrence, I am so happy you liked this one. I wrote this poem for all the mothers who provide a safe calm haven for their families in the midst of life's chaos. Specifically, it was written for a fellow mother of a son with Schizophrenia who lives in Florida when all the hurricaines were happening last summer. Our children live in chaos every moment of every day, when the world reflects their inner chaos... it can be much more necessary for a sanctuary. God Bless, BJ