LEB (08/04/09 / Dublin, Ireland)

Eye Of The Storm

The doom-noise tumbles in. no colors flee the eye of it.
Miles on windy miles succumb, sunlight cant get in.
Nothing tells the day from night beneath this grey-black roof,
This charged procession of cloudy walls,

There is no way out, not now the eye has opened wide,
A zero gravity calamity, the lid wont blink till the world is done,
Closer and closer it falls, earths old face upturned, waiting,
Bracing, , for the torrential impact.

I am stormbound. But first the mountains must go down,
Wrenched from there age old foundations, the bedrock liquidates,
Cyclonic hands follow, they are livid. Vortices's eating ground
In soaring spouts, this is invincibility.

I hear the distant boom of rain. Before it touches down.,
No earth-sea could match this wave, this dark shield floating terribly,
Draped across horizons spheroid span, digesting the skyline,
I imagine this is the end,

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Comments (6)

An excellent write, full of insight and showing your zeal. Greetings for having this gift
a poem that is just so well-written and that captures for the reader the power of its subject
eye of the storm just made a masterpiece.. great work
I like the colorful comparisons, you really put those images in my mind. Continue writing, you'll go far.
Wow Laurence, - - I am 'storm-bound' too with this well-crafted piece and all I can encourage you to do is to keep writing.... this is only a minute part of what your talented poetic mind will produce.... a sure 10 for this - - from Fay..
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