Eye Of Truth

Poem By Brandon Chiles

These eyes only see the truth,
and this world is spiraling down towards the depths far below,
nothing but Hell resides there,
with its torturous glow,
the denizens of the underworld await our souls,
so appeasement must be made,
those who deny and those who lie,
shall be cast from this world,
into a lake of fire,
their agony our joy,
as we take from them such pain,
as to kill the nerve,
like it was nothing more than a game,
our hatred knowns no bounds,
we don't regret, we're nothing but lowly hounds,
the truth is hidden under the mask of injustice,
to keep foolish ideals of morality,
the gate to our hearts will be forever sealed,
the lies of the world blinding us,
but don't lose hope,
for it's all that we can hold on to in days so bleak,
with nothing but misery at our feet,
the eye of truth can be found,
to take away all of the evil that surrounds,
its the only thing that brings light into this world of darkness,
so look towards the sky,
and his heavenly eye.
-Dying Romantic 11: 14 pm January 5th,2008

Comments about Eye Of Truth

I'm so glad you posted something new. I love your writting and this one is one of them that makes me feel.. I'm not sure it just makes me feel so... so... *sighs* i'm not sure. YOu just can see into me somehow in a way I don't know if you know how. But gosh I love your writting thank you for making me feel a way that is undescribable. Love You so much :)
that was beautiful, i loved it..great poem, ~hazel

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