Eye's Rendezvous

Here an instance be still to sense,
Feel the throb of a heart’s content;
An innocent look of eyes in faith,
Comes now the sincerest love’s manifest.
A fiery look cankers the softness of steel,
As it perforates the impenetrable,
Walls unveiled;
No doubt, so many years of longing
A past in snare,
An end come, an embrace last the fear.

Those subtle eyes so innocent a look,
Bears an insatiable chariot run taste in hook;
This stony plume many months have died,
Now started scribbling a stormy symphony
of delight.
Oh, how wonders human eyes can be:
So simple thoughts in mind to spear,
The Lord omnipotent’ve share his solace see
Like me in wonder asked: What could it be?
He said: To settle your fears, now you know
Be still not weary, God’s your eye’s rendezvous!

by Gil Gregorio

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