RLB (February 14,1985 / Tulsa, Oklahoma)

The True Meaning Of A Broken Heart

When you love someone; you know you do because him and only him can make you feel a certain way... He makes you feel like everyday is your day.... But then the seasons changes and as the days goes by things aren't the same

You love him so much you could never love another man this way
Then your happiness turns into misery and uncomfort
You can no longer stand to be around your lover; because he is playing you and you feel like a sucker...

He doesn't care, beacuse he knows you are not going anywhere
It's sad because you know this is true... Stop letting him get the best of you... No guy is worth your pain, fears or your tears

He will cut you so deep, it will leave scars for many years.....

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Proceed cautiously....it's the 'Crush'! Robert I like the subtle gestures you used to decsribe what a perosn notices in the beginning. The eyes have a major impact! Good Job!