AM (10-9-1991 / Brooklyn, Ny)


She told me her age
she was young
& the story behind her pain
I understood where she was coming from
Her eyes never lied
so I stared into the truth
& it was deep
so I dug
to uncover the pain & misery
A young mind abused & used
with beauty unimaginable
I managed to hold back tears
that mimicked the ones she has shed over years
she admitted
that she cries herself to sleep
at night
She wraps herself in sheets
& prays to suffocate
& face her fate
& doesn't hesitate
to slit her wrists
red & black is all she sees
red for blood
& black for death
she never
wants to leave her bed
She doesn't fear
but awaits death
I felt so sad & down
her eyes told me other wise
I appraoched her
lifted her head
& said 'you are beautiful'
you should've seen the tears she shed
I was so happy to see her eyes smile at me

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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What a lovely poem...full of emotion and empathy. Nicely done! Dee