I swim in their wide oceans.
I fly around in their skies.
I pierce very deep into them;
When I look in their eyes.

Everything appears so clear;
When my eyes walks inside.
Their every secret lay so bare.
Desperately they try to hide.

But my aren't safe either;
Secrets which I want to disguise.
Others can look deep too;
And I too have vulnerable eyes.

by Md. Asadullah

Comments (3)

eyes are doors for inside in replica of soul in love they reflect and you painted it in gay colors of rainbow/ thanks bro to share
A person's inmost thoughts are often reflected in his eyes! Looking deep into his eyes, we are able to probe in to the depths of his heart! A poem that tells how our eyes mirror our thoughts! Great write!
when one becomes alien in other world..they think explored they feel..how long hiding will hide..just ride and ride thank u