TR (June 14 / Ontario, Canada)


By Tilly Rivers

Laying in bed
Eyes wide
Thinking of you
Why aren’t you at my side?
Thoughts turn to fantasy
Skin tingles with awakening
Eyes foggy in ecstasy
Why aren’t you at my side?
My mind pretends
My touch is yours
My moan is repeated
Only craving more
Hollow touches, alone
Why aren’t you at my side?
Eyes closed
Body tingling in want
Thoughts turning to haunted desire
Wanting you so much
Why aren’t you at my side?
Need builds
My hands pleasures
Soft gasps
Heavy breaths
The night steals my voice
As I beg
I need you at my side
Laying in my bed
Eyes pools of sadness
Hollow touches
Wanting what is not mine
Roll over to my side
Closing my eyes to the darkness

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ure poetry has lots of imagery and personification. i form a picture in my mind while scanning... it makes me wanna do things. u have a way with words.