Eyes Berg

Behind my eyes the ice stays cool,
To melt it now would play the fool...
The shields are up both left and right,
Protecting me by day and night.
I play the games they bid me play
Despite the fact I long to stray!
Conforming only for their eyes...
The hidden truth behind my lies!
If I were free to do my best
Perhaps Mankind would then be blessed!
Yet what if I should do my worst?
Be warned, for then you'd all be cursed!
What man could stand my awesome wrath?
For I could rip this whole world off!
Let loose my gruesome subtlety
Would surely lead to infamy!
And then what use would good deeds serve?
I'd truly get what I deserve!
I think it's best to play their game
For law and order bear no shame!
There's no great profit made by crime
And prison walls slow down all time...
I couldn't bear a life inside...
So let their conscience be my guide...

by Denis Martindale

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