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Eyes Closed, Folded Hands
LMG (May 12,1991, / Aurora)

Eyes Closed, Folded Hands

Hello, good morning, how do you do?
I am your friend, the one you never knew.
I saw you staring at me with interest.
I saw your thoughts, they are very persistant.

You're eyes look amazed,
Glazed over and crazed.
What is the matter miss?
Do you not recognize this?

I am the one that hears all of your thoughts,
I am the one that knows if your good or not.
Like I said, I am your friend, the one you never knew.
I am just asking, is my appearance good enough for you?

I know your eyes, this they have not seen.
But put this in your rich pile of memories.
Because this is your only chance, one and only,
Because of this, your heart will never be lonely.

Seeing is beleiving,
In a few moments I am leaving,
Just remember this day,
Don't let it ever fade.

Take this from me,
This will make you beleive,
I am here, this isn't blasphemy,
But cherish this, my Rosary.

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