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Eyes Full Of Tears
AA (05.04.1980 / Mansehra)

Eyes Full Of Tears

Poem By Aarif Ameen

02 March 2009
Eyes Full of Tears

The beauty of my love
Will shine in your heart
The love that I served
Will ring in your nerves

It will fire with time?
Love that is mine
You will demand the same
And will not find again

You will stretch
The moments left
The images in brain
The beauty we gained

Memories will be grown
The faults that ever been
Shall turn into stones
Time will leave you alone

A change in life
People will realize
The love that I did
Was pure and nice

You will see there
The image in clear
In a broken mirror
Eyes full of tears

Eyes full of tears

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Comments (9)

good work Aarif...lines deeply expressive...10
Eyes Full of Tears..... no sheeding of tears and it should never roll out from eyes.....beaitiful write dear.. kaka in hindi belt is father's borther. in punjabi it is for small boy.. I, yur grand uncle so kaka is appropriate even in my language... hahahah read mine 'cry not' and comment me back.... reagards and love
this is really a good write., the sequence of lines are properly arranged..beautiful...grace
Tearsome and nice 10++
mirror is refection of correct things. i hve poem titles'cry not' in this hunter poem