Eyes Hers And Mine


I look into my eyes
Beautiful kohl lined
Sad eyes,
Shiny with tears.
Tears unshed,
Tears controlled,
Tears saved from
Possibly today.
I look deeper
Beyond the shine of those tears.
I see my soul,
Her eyes a reflection
Of mine.
Beautiful kohl lined,
Sad eyes.
In them,
I see the same wait
Which I see in mine.
I see the same pain
Which I feel in mine.
Tears unshed,
Tears controlled,
Tears saved from yesterday,
Possibly from today.
Her loneliness,
A bigger cry than mine.
But, something sets her apart,
There exists a difference,
There exists a spark,
Which I guess is missing in mine.
I see in her eyes
The spark called
A wish called
The determination
She will someday find
What she sought
Yet could not find
Possibly will not find
Even today.
But tommorow
Will be the day
She will no longer need to cry
The tears unshed
Tears controlled,
Tears saved from yesterday
Possibly today.-anjali

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