** Love Letters On The Sands Of Time **-In Top 500

From the blood of my heart
The words that I write
Each word that haemorrhaged
The chiseled groove of my heart did tell
my desires
Higher than the mountains
Deeper than the seas
Time will tell-it will tell

From the depths of my soul
The words that I scribble
Each word that catapulted fire
as sweat from my brow, like crystal beads
tell of my love
Greater than the sounds of thunder
Brighter than the flash of lightning
Time will tell -it will tell

From the ink of my sighs
The words fulminated
Each word that conjugated
Spelt with the fountains from my eyes
my passion does tell
On petaled papers of love
Enfolded and recounted
Not tossed to the storms
Or carried with the winds
Time will tell-it will tell




Comments (8)

Deep inside the ocean of your eyes! ! Love and dreams. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Yes, eyes always keep awake, wonderful poem, thanks for sharing the poem with us, +++++ 10
Deep inside the ocean of your eyes I could find that it is hiding inside -Its a beautiful poem Rini, enjoyed reading it.......!
It says you are mine And promises to stay by my side Eyes read eyes, heart reads heart, it's all magic of love.
Brilliantly presented.Wonderful imaginary. Thank u dear Rini for sharing this.
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