Eyes Of A Stranger

as i walked along i couldnt help but see

see your face outside my foggy window

how sad your eyes were

drooping as if you were all alone

your feet dragged one foot after the other.

a quick but memorable glance you gave me

those eyes oh those eyes

how they will burn

oh my heart it falls to the depths

in a cold and unwilling pain of sorrow

why oh why must you be so sad stranger

that you are to be walking a line of solitude
your steps are growing faint in the puddles click clack

c..l i c k.... c l a...c k

i rushed to the door hand on the nob ready to turn

impulsively of course that was the only way

no scarf nor boots for warmth just a cloak on her back

her hood covered her face

the curiosity got at its best

wait sad stranger


those eyes, hidden underneath a hat of grey

looked up at this young woman

no words were exchanged but just a stare

i do not mean to pry but why are your eyes?

oh so empty do i feel as the stranger pulled his hat further down

the woman i loved.. i took her for granted and lost all i had

many times have i..

..a cold breathe was let out into a exasperated slow sigh

many times have i talked to her since our depart

we seem to be aquainted once again

he looked down into the puddle hesitating to continue..

although i do not believe she does not feel the same for me as i do for her

weve been apart seeing others, trying new things, heh..making mistakes
but nothing felt right. my heart was still with her.

sorry miss..i got carried away. i shouldnt say much more

oh but please do go on..you see i.. am the village doctor here and could maybe help

well..we should atleast get out of this foggy weather.

actually i do believe my house is just a little whiles away,

do you mind?

the stranger and doctor's feet were stepping in and out of puddles

making their way back, the doctor pulled her hood off

no longer could she wait to speak a word of importance

stranger oh sad stranger here is what you seek

a face of which you surely can recognize

the stranger jerked his eyes up in an excited curiosty yet fright

it was her. the one, whom he had spent years with, the one whom he regretted.

his cold and pale hands touched her cheeks

eyes of sorrow no more but of confusion, maybe hope?

oh crystal..how could i not have recognized..

Jahn, i recognized you.. from my window sill.

we have both been through so much.

with others..with each other

the past is the past. i know nothing can ever be the same

although i still ran to see how much you were hurting

still i wish it were as before. as if none of this had happened

i couldnt not feel your love, i felt unwanted.

and now that we are atleast in eachothers lives again, it has become cumbersome.

oh so hard to repatch all the damage that has been said about one another

nothing but hurt is what it was. were both still hurting, both in need of love.

but i need to see that you do. or atleast hear those words of which are of secret

for this reason i am with you but not in love with you for i do not feel love coming in return

i do not know what to do but be with you.

i may cry a many night although

you do not know what to do but sit,

sit and stare in the other direction

how am i to love a man who does not care?

i may be a fool. but i am a fool trying for love

if you truly meant taking me for granted..

i want to hear those words....

and may i soar like the highest angel through the skies

for now we must switch roles

as my eyes have now started to grow weary and sorrowful

no longer does the sun shine through my soul..

many a time have i regreted things i have done, but no more!

i want to be faithful and loyal

but words..oh those words i need to hear

and with meaning shall they have

or else without them, i shall decay into a nothingness.

ill be waiting..hoping high for you

ive wanted to give up..and i did. but, here we are..

crystal walked a few steps away

giving john a tight embrace

3 words then will i be able to tell

if it is to mean or to not.

a creaky door opened from her cold hands

until then will i wait.
a soft close of the door locking into its place


baffled and confused, he stood back outside in a puddle of rain

with a soft whisper he spoke those three words

walking away the steps were growing faint yet again

in the puddles click clack c..l i c k.... c l a...c k

wandering off into the fog

when his return to his lady will be

that will be up to him..

by Joy Howarth

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