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Eyes Of Beauty

I sit here in silence, , ,
My state of being, serene,
My thoughts at the moment are of you and me...
I imagine your eyes, ,
Of Beauty they be..
And when fixating on them
I become lost in thee.
My mind begins to wonder
A number of things.
Like 'is this for real or just fantacy? '
I know that I like you
I can even love you possibly
I can give you a life time that to most is only a dream...
I would need you to trust
And never doubt me..
Just believe and have faith
I'll be all that you need...
For as long as I'm able
Its with you I shall be
Lost in each moment shared between you and me
Just looking into those eyes, , ,

OF Beauty They Be........

Written by,
Lisa Elaine Chapman

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beautiful lines, thanks for sharing.10