Eyes Of Envy

Poem By Brian Hinckley

I watch you kiss him;
holding him like he was me.
I watch you laugh,
a laugh that was once mine.

You walk hand in hand;
each holding a portion of my heart.
As you separate it falls,
torn and discarded.

You told me I was difficult,
you told me I was wrong.
I told you I was myself
and nothing more.

With eyes of daggers
I watch him.
I watch him steal the kisses
that belong to me.

I watch you hold him
with arms that are mine.
I watch you.

My thoughts snap free;
scaring me to reality.
You were never mine,
you belonged to yourself.

You were never an object,
save one.
You were always
the object of my affection.

I watch him
with eyes of envy.
I turn and walk away,
green monster whispering his counsel.

Comments about Eyes Of Envy

I know how jealously can get to you believe me I'm having that experience right now and I can relate to the problem too, but I concur it is a very good piece and a memorable one that you wrote. Good work keep on writing.
Great...simply great. I liked the part about your former lady friend and her new lover holding a portion of your heart when they hold hands. You definitely have a knack for writing some very memorable poetry. Top marks! -Michael

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